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September 28, 2017
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Boost your search engine rank with paid web traffic


Over the years we have heard that purchasing web traffic does nothing to benefit your website or help make an online business more successful. As a result we decided to see what effects purchasing web traffic has on a sites SEO as well as positioning in the SERPS.

Just to clarify this case study is to see the effects on a sites SEO and ranking in the SERPS rather than actual sales or conversions. We will be conducting further research on conversion rates in case studies to come.

To begin our case study we decided to have a look at the effect of paid web traffic on our website’s rank over the period of a week. The goal was to see if paid web traffic would improve our search engine referrals as well as page rank in the search engines for our #1 targeted key word which is “Affordable Web Traffic”.


For starters we decided to check our keyword search term rank on SERPS. They offer a free keyword rank checker that we will use for the purpose of this case study. Keep in mind we purchased the domain for this site on July of 2017 and launched a month later in August. The results you are seeing is for a site that is literally only a couple months old.



As you can see, MYSTATROCKET.COM ranks in the 66 position for the keyword phrase “Affordable web traffic.” which was well below our goal.

To get an idea of the effect that paid web traffic will have on our website, we elected to run a traffic campaign of 10,000 targeted visitors over the course of a week. In the chart below you will see an average of almost 2000 visits per day coming to our site during the time of our case study.



Since this is a new site launched only a few month ago, our site currently averages around 200 organic visits per day. From the time we launched the campaign on September 22nd the traffic to our site increase 10 time greater than before our case study averaging around 2000 visits per day until the traffic ended on September 28th.


Once we initiated our traffic campaign, we not only had a significant spike in visits to our site, we also noticed that our search engine referral traffic increased as well, even past the time our traffic campaign had expired.



As indicated in the graph, you can see a dip in search referral traffic the day the paid web traffic started, but then a steady increase that resulted in a nice spike on the 28th when the traffic ended. Interestingly enough our sites search engine referral traffic improved into October even after the our paid traffic had expired.


Upon further evaluation, we can also found our Alexa rank increased as indicated in Alexa rank chart. The growth has a steady and significant increase from September to present, resulting in our site ranking among the top 182 thousand sites within the continental United States.



The most significant and notable benefit we found was that our keyword search term for this same page. Affordable web traffic hit the first page of Google in the search results.   Our rank for this search term went from ranking 66th in the SERPS to #4 in the organic results below Google’s pay per click ads.



We also ran the same test on Bing just to see if we were able to affect our SERP on their search engien as well. The result was even better. We landed on the first page #2nd listing under the pay Bing’s per click ads.




As you can see from our case study, we have taken a website that was only a few months old and were able to achieve ranking higher than that of several of the aged websites within the same market category.  This confirms that paid web traffic not only improves the amount of visits to a website, but overall SEO as well.


If you are interested in achieving similar results with your websites feel free to contact us at any time or purchase one of our paid traffic packages.


To Your Success,

John Snyder 

My Stat Rocket

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