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October 6, 2017


The age-old question for web developers and SEO professionals alike is, how do I drive targeted traffic to my website? easier said than done right? Many of us go to Google and fire up the old Google Adwords campaign, only to find that the pay-per-click method can quickly become more costly that the return on investment. Facebook and Twitter can both offer targeted traffic to your site, but one again the cost starts eating into your bottom line and if that traffic doesn’t convert you money just got flushed away.

The truth of the matter is that there are very few cost-effective ways to drive quality traffic to your site on the cheap and for new start-ups its essential to get that traffic coming in to get exposure to their products or offerings.

So how do we do it? It’s not a matter of guess work. We use tried and trued methods to get the traffic flowing and literally for pennies on the dollar. There is a definite cost however and that is the time and effort you’ll need to spend to make the magic happen.


First thing first, you going to have to put the old thinking cap on and start taking measures to get your site optimized to attract organic traffic. Keywords, Tags, and tons of content. You need to create quality engaging content that attracts visitors and even better gets them to stick. Just a hint, use images in your articles. Images is your articles on average produce twice the results and make your content far more interesting. Putting it all together of course takes a significant investment of time and energy, but it’s one way to keep costs down and produce results. With that in mind you also have to understand that On-Page SEO traditionally doesn’t offer fast results. On-page SEO and Quality content are more like a seed that takes time to grow, to speed things up will require additional methods to get the traffic rolling in.


So hold on to your seats, here are some of the ways that we at My Stat Rocket have found to effectively drive quality targeted web traffic to your website literally for free or on the cheap.


Guest Posting


Ok! Now it’s time to get the brain cells cooking and start finding the websites or blogs in your industry that apply to your niche. Reach out to the these site owners and see if they have any guest posting opportunities. The great thing about guest posting is that a properly optimized post will provide quality links to your site, usually permanent links. The reader gets a chance to get info about the product or service you offer and best of all if you did your homework before you contacted the site owner the links from that site should pass Google’s relevancy test. Remember quality relevant links to your site will increase your sites rank, thus increase your organic SEO.


Web Forums


Forums are golden, When you join a forum that focuses on your niche you will have one of the most targeted audiences your could ever ask for. In our case we helped one of our clients to drive tons of traffic from these forums and even better that traffic converted. Yes! forum traffic converts. There are a few key items you will need to address. First you’ll need permission to promote your business within these forums. You can do so without asking, but you’ll run the risk of getting scolded or even worse, banned from the forum. That would of course result in significant wasted effort on your part. Get permission, then market your business within the rules of the forum. One possible work around in that regard is if the forum allows a link to your site from the profile. A profile link can give your SEO a nice little bump as well as give fellow forum members the ability to find your services, if they happen to take the time to review your profile. Profile links although considered by many a dyeing breed are still carry weight when it come to building links to your site. We still see fair results from these links on a sites overall SEO thus continue to recommend it as an SEO option. Key Note: Don’t waist your time if the forum inactive or has no rank. Low ranking forums, with low membership will offer little results.





I have heard over the years that listing in directories is no longer an effective way to drive traffic to your site and improve your SEO. We at My Stat Rocket say “Not True” There are still thousands of business directories on the web that can bring highly targeted traffic to your site for free or at very little cost. You’ll of course need to find high-ranking, quality directories, especial directories like Google local listings, and several others. Also try to find directories that apply to your niche. These kinds of directories will give you the most for your efforts. We for example have listed on behalf of our clients in the Seattle Times free classifieds and have had decent result in regards to traffic and SEO. Look for quality directories and target your niche then go for it. You have nothing to lose and increased targeted web traffic and search engine rank to gain.


Paid Web Traffic


Although paid traffic isn’t free, as the other methods we have mentioned in this article. You can still drive quality targeted traffic to your site on the cheap. In many cases low-cost traffic may not convert at the level you desire, but we have found that even Google pay-per-click can prove ineffective. The key difference is that pay-per-click can cost thousands of dollars and companies with a low-budget simply can afford to play the Pay Per Click game. Even though low-cost traffic may have a lower conversion rate, test have shown that low-cost traffic can still drive up your sites organic search rank. As you know organic traffic is one of the highest converting sources that you can ever find in the world of online marketing.


Social Networks 


This is one of My Stat Rockets main stays. We get more quality traffic from social platforms like Facebook than any other source. over the years it’s become more difficult to continue to get free targeted traffic due to Facebook paid ads platform, but you can still drive free targeted traffic to your site by using the following work around.

First dial your site into the social networks. For example every post from our websites auto post to Facebook and Twitter. At a minimum you should have a Facebook and twitter page for your sites. You can go a step further and participate on Google+, Reddit and hundreds more, but we use primarily Facebook and Twitter for our business. Once your dialed in, Like, share and share more.


For bet results join as many large Facebook groups as you can that target your industry. This is vital if you are to get maximum results on the cheap. Also to be fair you’ll need to contact a group admin and get permission to post on behalf of your business. Once again, if you post in a group at will and never contact the admin, your likely to get people upset or even worse banned from the group, which will be of absolutely no benefit to your efforts.

That said, once you have permission, you can share posts from your Facebook pages in these groups and watch the quality traffic start rolling in. The better the quality the content you distribute, the more traffic you will gain and possibly even have some of your posts go viral, which will sky-rocket your SEO.



E-mail Marketing 


In regards to quality targeted traffic, we saved the best for last. One of the most effective ways to drive targeted traffic as well as high converting traffic is your e-mail list. This list is a well you can drink from again and again.  Best of all you control your list, it’s just a matter of clicking send and watching the traffic and sales come rolling in. If you haven’t done so already develop an e-mail capture system for your website. It’s a must, if you’re not capturing e-mails right now, you’re losing out on one of the most significant revenue steams online businesses can have. There are a few great e-mail management platforms out there that can help simplify your e-mail distribution. Among the most notable are Constant Contact, Aweber, Vertical Response and Mail Chimp.

We recommend Mail Chimp for upstart companies with low to no budgets. Mail Chimp offers a free for life starter package that allows up to 2000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month.


Also another must do is to have a solid sales funnel. A top-notch sales funnel is the key to real money. This will allow your to re-target your prospects with the same or even different offers that will eventually get a cold prospect to buy! Virtually all the most successful online businesses use e-mail to get quality targeted traffic to their sites and drive in revenue.


If you have any questions or would like to find our more about how to get targeted web traffic feel free to contact us at any time. We look forward to serving you.





John W. J. Snyder

SEO Guru

My Stat Rocket

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