Building High Quality Backlinks


One of the most important aspects of SEO is link building. In a recent survey done by SEO Moz it was found that  42.59% of Googles ranking decision is based on the backlinks to a website.

It’s undeniable that links to a website help google determine how they will rank that site. We at My Stat Rocket help you improve your backlink profile. We focus on creating manual links that will benefit your webpage not hurt it.



High quality links to a website significantly improves the ability to rank organically in the Search Engines.


My Stat Rocket focuses on building penguin safe backlinks. We have worked hard to create natural link building packages that will produce high quality links to your website and help to drive your site to the first page of Google, Yahoo, Bing and more.

Getting your website to rank better and be more visible on the web is usually a process that involves more than one step or procedure. For starters, your website needs to have SEO optimized content that targets the specific keywords and phrases you want to rank for on the search engines.

In addition to having optimized content, you need to drive traffic to your site and gain quality backlinks in order to reach a certain authority level. Usually, this is based on the number of websites that link to your site, the linking sites page authority and relevancy in relation to your website.

When you have a large number of high page authority or high trust flow websites that link to yours, you will be able to rank better on search engines as well and establish yourself as an authority in your niche.


When building your link strategy, think content. To get the most out of your linking efforts it’s essential to produce high quality content. The better the content you offer the more likely your links will come naturally and thus significantly improve your link profile.


Promote your content on the Social Networks



The next and among the most important thing you must do is promote your content. Utilize the social networks, forums and blogs to share your content and drive traffic and overall generate healthy links to your site.

I want to stress social here because Google now views social signals as a ranking factor. Likes, share, re-tweets can carry allot of weight when you’re an upstart looking to get recognition. There are a couple benefits that come with utilizing the social networks. First is traffic to your site. Sharing quality content and once again I stress quality content on the social networks can literally drive instant traffic to your website. Best of all social traffic is also known to convert at a decent level. Increased ranking in the search engines in a nice little side benefit.

It’s important to practice white hat SEO and not get caught up in black hat tactics. For example never use auto link building tools. These tools provide nothing but low quality links that can hurt your SEO rather than improve it.


Listing in classifieds and directories



Classifieds and directories can be effective link building tools. Do your research and be sure they are high ranking sites or fare ranking site that are relevant to your content. Also a MOZ says, directories are still good for your link profile, but avoid directories that are being monitored by Google.


Guest posting and sharing articles can be effective link building.



Things you should consider when guest posting. When looking for websites or blogs for guest posting opportunities seek our high page authority sites. Make sure they offer content that is relevant to your industry and solicit them for guest post opportunities. Send samples of your post so they can see the value that your offering. There are literally thousands of great sites that would be a perfect match, in some cases if your content is of a high enough caliber they may even post it on their site for free!

When creating your work be sure not to key word stuff! Use minimal key words and only 1-2 links back to your site and provide images. Remember you’re sharing your content to spark interest, not trying to force traffic to your site through spammy tactics. Be aware that many websites or blogs may require a fee. This is referred to as a sponsored post. The more reputable the site the higher the potential cost. Some high ranking site have been reported to require in excess of $1000 for a guest post. In any even guest posting is a great way to gain quality links and improve your search engine rank. Even better if you produce high enough quality content and become an authority in your industry, you find that site owners are willing to pay you quest post on their blog.


Blog Comments are still a great way to build links



Blog comments here some time ago got a bad rap with SEO professionals left and right, claiming Google will penalize you for using it as a link strategy. Matt Cutts of Google dispelled the myth himself and says he uses this method all the time and considers it white hat. The key is that you should first use your own name. Using your business name or key word rich names can throw a spam flag.

As always we sure to provide relevant comments and if you do use a link in the comment make sure it’s relevant and beneficial to the topic. Here is what Matt had to say in one of his Webmaster help videos.





Forum Posting for links


Forums can provide healthy and effective links to your site as well. But this one can be tricky. Fist choose forum that are once again high to decent rank and relevant to your industry. As I stated before,  you’ll need to be careful, if you go down the spammo-matic highway you could be penalized in more ways than one. Not only does Google abhor spam, but fellow forum members can quickly turn on you, getting you either scolded or banned from the forum altogether.

When posting in forums only leave a link if your feel it will be useful.  If using keywords, use sparingly and not more that 1-2 links. If you provide quality informative content in your forum with a link here or there you’ll find that forum traffic also has a fairly high conversion rate and will benefit your SEO as well.

Another thing to keep in mind is that many forums allow a link to your website in your profile. Although not as powerful s it used to be, other members who like the content you share in the forums are likely to come take a look and check out your site. This can be beneficial as well and you don’t have to worry about the spam factor.

On the flip side, if your like profile is over saturated with forum links, Google could break out the spam hammer and penalize your site. Make sure forum links to your site are not a dominating part of your link profile.

All in all as a SEO professional you should always keep track of your link health to ensure you’re not hurting your rank rather than benefitting it. There are several tools available that companies like AHREFS and SEO MOZ that you can use to view your link profile and see if you’re practicing healthy link building stratagem.


Backlinks to your site are a key factor and vital in regards to your ability to rank on the search engines.


For optimal success you should always monitor and work to build natural links and set the stage for Google to love your content and reward you for it.

If you’re looking to gain authority links to your site, My Stat Rocket some healthy link building services that can help your business. Order one of our very affordable link development packages today and rocket your organic search results.

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